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Shivam IT Solutions Time & Attendance solution is engineered to help organizations manage their human resource capital efficiently. It minimizes inconsistencies to ensure improved productivity while saving time in payroll processing. Collaborative in nature, the solution helps to eliminate time theft and reduce payroll lags. Using Biometric technology and smart card, data is systematically gathered and converted to a database format for HR administration and processing.

Our solution is a promise of increased safety and superior efficiency. It can be installed at prominent locations in the company premises. Real time movement data of all employees can be tracked with ease by bringing an entire workforce on a single platform.

Our straight-forward solution enhances ease for localized operations. It is backed by a powerful MIS for better planning and monitoring. A well-defined user management ensures menu-wise rights assignment to users. Our users get more power and control over the process, such like, menu-wise rights assignment, location-wise user rights for decentralized relevant data access and non-editable log of each and every action for audit trail, to name a few.

Solution Features
  • Differing policy frameworks based on location, company, department, category or any combination of these, or even to individual employee
  • Facility to define various employee groups and applicability of different attendance policies, as per their roles.
  • HR users get to manage only the workforce assigned to them based on location, company, department or category.
  • Central HR can access all data for all locations, all group companies.
  • Work-flow for effortless inter-location transfers or deputations.
  • Attendance system can be integrated with any HRMS/payroll system.
  • Entire system can be configured to synchronize with active directory for ID creation/movement across OU/ID deletion etc.
Supported Modules

Leave Management

Shivam IT Solutions leave management is a fail-safe module to able take care of absence and leave payments with precision. The system can be configured to look after leave groups, clubbed leaves, leave calendar and layered approvals for an in-depth leave analysis and encashment.

Key Features of Shivam IT Solutions Leave Management Module

  • Leave groups to manage employee-wise leave structure
  • Multiple leave types with varying policies for carryover, encashment, eligibility, accruals etc.
  • Facility to restrict applying for multiple types of leaves clubbed together
  • Provision to restrict minimum & maximum days of leave through single request
  • Work-flow with applying for, and layered approvals of leave requests through ESS
  • Bird’s eye view of Leave calendar of team for supervisors through ESS
  • Automate shift administration and improve productivity with Shivam IT Solutions Shift Management module. The solution accurately tracks and maintains record of staff hours against unlimited shift schedules. Experience great improvements in time savings with effectual management of your staff.
Key Features of Shivam IT Solutions Shift Management Module

  • Unlimited shift schedules
  • Auto shift allocation based on first punch of the day
  • Flexi-shift support
  • Shift roster upload from excel facility
  • Employee/Manager can handle shift change requests through self service
  • Shift exceptions regularization through work-flow
  • Shift-wise bus route management
  • Shift rotation / changeover

Payroll Protection

Shivam IT Solutions Payroll Fraud Protection module easily detects and regulates payroll trickery, impacting the financial health of organizations. Data from Biometric devices to Software up to Payroll integration is automated with zero manual intervention.

Key Features of Shivam IT Solutions Payroll Fraud Protection Module

  • Biometric authentication nullifies possibility of ghost employees
  • All corrections/regularizations happen strictly through workflow and all changes are logged in Audit trail with details of users who made those changes
  • Audit trail stays with database. No user can detach and alter the same
  • Audit trail is available only to select users through software interface.

Physical Access Control


From simple to critical, Shivam IT Solutions Access Control System, offers coherent security solutions. The system is configured for group and employee-wise door access regulations. With our access control system its simple and easy to meet compliance, gauge access levels and keep a watch on the number of personnel in your premises. It lets you offer controlled access to critical areas, thereby, ensuring higher safety of high value assets.

A rapidly increasing mobile workforce demands smarter management of electronic identities. Being a comprehensive access control system it offers dual access verification for escort/custodian usage. It is an alarm embedded solution used for automated management of user identities. With reduced incidences of data theft or loss your organization gets the freedom to operate in an uninterrupted, secure environment.

Shivam IT Solutions Access Control System is easy to install, configure and use. It ably performs authorization, authentication and approval flawlessly for heightened business security. Extremely user-friendly in nature, the system is a self-sufficient framework, allowing user(s) to operate it on their own, without much help.

Key Features
  • Supports 30 Time zones, 250 time zones access groups
  • 4 Access groups per employee
  • Up to 1000 exclusive gate access rules
  • Access to premises based on active/resigned status of employees
  • Employee / group wise door access rules
  • Door wise local & timed anti passback
  • Provision for both soft & hard anti passback
  • Door Interlocking capability
  • User configurable GPI & GPO for integration with TPA
  • Dual access verification available for Escort/Custodian use
  • Room occupancy maximum / minimum limit, employee wise access limit to designated doors per day
  • Configurable floor access map for Security monitoring
  • 30+ Real time and parameterized alarms
  • Access control system can be integrated with ONVIF compliant surveillance system to enhance intelligence. Integration with Milestone surveillance system already in place.
  • Access Control system can get input from Fire detection system to unlock doors in affected zone and initiate emergency alarm system for evacuation.

Visitor Management


Shivam IT Solutions automated Visitor Management System is meticulously professional, gives reliable security and is complaint with the visitor data collection and auditing. An easy-to-use system to monitor, capture, record and recover visitor information. Ability to manage a huge turn-over of visitor data at a time with pre-registration of planned visitors by employees. It eliminates scope of human error(s), confirming upbeat performance with unbeatable security, in the long run.

Hassle-free visitor authentication to gather visitor data such as fingerprint, photo, assets and other vital details. The system builds a well-sorted data-bank of vital information ready for future processing, easily accessible to concerned department(s). Whether a single entry or in bulk, it generates app synchronized data to allow limited access.

An effective verification system for visitors helps companies exercise better control over visitor movement in their premises. The system is easy to troubleshoot, it adheres to standards and effectively handles error(s). Designed for new-age businesses with a need to support a multitude of visitor data and their access rights.

Key Features
  • Self pre-registration of planned visitors by employees
  • Capture visitor information including fingerprint, photo, assets being carried inside etc.
  • SMS/email alerts to visitor/host against registration, arrival, cancellation
  • Hosts also can get alert from desktop notifier
  • User definable alert email/SMS templates
  • User definable multiple visitor badge formats
  • Different badge color for different category of visitors
  • Conference/meeting room management with calendar view
  • Visitor movement control
  • Sync with physical access control app to allow limited access
  • Barcode support for express checkout
  • Blacklist visitor/company
  • Visitor verification with SMS OTP
  • Visitor group registration
  • Complete history and past records, visitor / company wise
  • Optional visitor app on kiosk with integrated devices for self service
  • Touch screen Kiosk for VMS

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